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Jared Kushner Responds to FBI Probe

I could care less what the FBI is doing. They can charge me with whatever they want. Hell I may confess to it, I probably did it anyway. My Daddy in Law will pardon me faster than a leak from the White House.

Chris Hayes Interviews Rachel Maddow. The show was only an hour long so they didn't quite get a full question asked and answered. Chris took the first thirty-five minutes to ask a seventeen part question on Climate Change. Rachel then took the final twenty-five minutes setting up the background for what would have been her answer had she not run out of time. The two will it try again in a longer format. Both bloviators agree it would have worked if they just had more time.

I just put 100 Million Dollars in Ivanka's Pocket

Who Knew you could Make so Much Money being President

Toby Keith performs for all-male crowd in Saudi Arabia

Toby had to change up some of his lyrics, replacing "we're gonna put a boot up your ass" with "here I am kissing your ass"

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